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Our new consulting service for design and engineering in 3D printing includes the evaluation of additive manufacturing application potential in your company, through the evaluation and selection of printable components, the make or buy service, and the additive manufacturing introduction training sessions, involving both managers and collaborators.


3D Printing in Metal or Plastic through existing 3D Models.

Component creation for printing though initial sketches.

small series production

Molds production for silicon injection.

Small Series 3D Printing.


Prototypes creation through various technologies from existing models.

Prototypes production from initial sketches with high detail and finishing quality.

engineering / reverse engineering

Creation of 3D Models from existing components.

Components Topological optimization.

Components Technical Binders creation.

coating / Painting

Customization of any part produced from Additive Manufacturing.

Coating application studies.


Additive Manufacturing Training for Managers/Decision Makers Training on the strategic aspects of 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing)

Training for Technicians/Employees Training on the technical aspects of 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing)

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    Materials we work with



    PA2200 is biocompatible and approved for food contact.

    SORTA Clear40 – safe for food contact and can be used in the culinary industry as a mold material and exposed to temperature.

    PLA – widely used in the food industry as it is made from a biocompatible and biodegradable raw material.



    PA2200 – high strength and stiffness. Shore strength of 75.

    ABS, PET-G – show excellent bending, compressive and tensile strength of over 50 MPa. These are high impact strength materials with easy printing.

    Smooth Cast Onyx, Smooth On Task 8 – has a Shore strength of 80 and is easy to work with.



    PA2200, Ultem9085 – easily withstand temperatures up to 150°C.

    Smooth On Task 8, Smooth Cast Onyx, Smooth On PMC780/790 – withstands up to 120°C.

    ABS – withstands heat up to 90°C, at a fairly low cost.



    PET-G, ULTEM 9085, HT-90, Smooth On Task 8, Smooth Cast Onyx, Smooth-On Clear Flex 50 meet the high category of corrosion resistance.



    PET-G, Smooth-On Clear Flex 50 – have excellent transparency properties, with no additional material treatment processes to achieve the desired property.



    TPU, Smooth-On Vyta Flex 40/60, Smooth-On 780/790, Smooth-On Clear Flex 50 – these materials allow you to solve complex problems where material flexibility is required.

    Our mission

    From the very beginning of the company, we determined that reputational investments are the surest. They don’t pay off as quickly, but we started this business not just to make money, but to build a stable, reliable and rewarding business.

    We not only understand the task at hand, but also find out the customer’s entire workflow and sometimes the business model. This approach helps us make the product of high quality and optimal in terms of cost and production time.

    Our technology is not yet seriously taught anywhere. You can learn a lot of theory, but there’s only one way to learn the ins and outs – live it every day. We have gained tremendous experience, so we are proud to guarantee a quality product.

    Each of our customers has a personal manager, specially trained to work with clients. He answers letters promptly, gives detailed advice, calculates the price on the same day, is always in touch, interested in your results.

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