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Each 3D Printing technology (Additive Manufacturing) has its Pros and Cons, having its specific field of application, that is, each technology solves a certain type of limitation or problem.

Erising presents a service of enormous advantage for companies: our team of specialized technicians knows all the details and characteristics of the various 3D Printing technologies, as well as the implications of the design of the parts and the precision requirements in the performance of these technologies. Erising assumes in this service the multiple tasks of reengineering the components and the selection of materials and technologies, allowing our customers to develop complex projects in an agile and precise way.

Erising’s service applies to Plastics and Metals:

3D Printing using Polymers or Plastic is widely used when it is necessary to produce a prototype of a component or equipment, a pilot sample, a main model, souvenirs or components where customization is relevant. Plastic products have a high level of detail, resistance, and a good surface quality.

3D printing using metals is mainly applied when the main characteristics of the component to be obtained are strength, stability, and reliability in use. It is an excellent option, in complex components and low series, to the conventional processes of machining, casting and welding, allowing sometimes to obtain high-performance and unique mechanical, geometric and functional characteristics. Widespread in all industries, 3D Metal Printing is widely used in the automotive, biochemical, aeronautical, architectural, prosthetic, and many other industries.


how our service works?


  1. Send a 3D model to 3dprinting@erising.pt or use the feedback forms. Our engineering department will analyse it and return with suggestions regarding the 3D model.
  2. The service quote is issued and sent to the customer.
  3. After approval, the 3D model is sent to production. Erising keeps communication with the customer until the final product is ready and approved by Erising.
  4. At the agreed date, the final product is delivered to the customer.


  1. Contact us at geral@erising.pt or use the feedback form below, so we can schedule a brief meeting to discuss the objective of the project.
  2. The proposed tasks are sent to the customer, with the respective service quote.
  3. After the final sketch approval, our engineering department designs and tests the parts to meet the needed specifications.
  4. The 3D Model is sent for approval when ready
  5. After approval, the 3D model is sent for production.
  6. On the agreed date, the final product is delivered to the customer.

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