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3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional model in virtual space according to a pre-designed drawing or sketch. Through our Engineering Department, Erising can support the production of any 3D Model

3D models are mostly demanded by industrial companies, which use 3D technologies to create a visualization of the projected object, as close as possible to the real product.

With the help of 3D modeling Erising Engineering Department can solve a wide variety of challenges, such as:

  • Reverse engineering to recreate technical documentation and create digital archives
  • Parametric modeling from sketches or drawings, followed by application of Additive Manufacturing technologies
  • Digital modeling of any complexity, based on scanning results
  • Processing a scan of the product for further modeling in CAD
  • Adjustment and modification of the model for printing on a 3D printer or other production technologies.

How to order the development of a 3D model?

To order the development of a 3D model, just send  an engineering drawing, sketch or drawing with the size and parameters of the object, to 3dprinting@erising.pt. Our Engineering Department will collect the data and carry out 3D modelling in an optimal software environment. As a result, a file with the ready object, can be extracted in a wide range of formats,

If there is the need to make any kind of simulations, Erising can supply the testing and detailed engineering reports in a short lead time.

The drawings and files sent will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, archived on Erising’s own servers, and destroyed after the end of the service. Erising is available to sign NDA contracts if the customer deems it essential.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering (reverse development) is the creation of a digital model from an existing object (part, product, prototype).

With reverse-engineering it is possible to accurately reproduce the size and shape of an object; even those with complex surfaces that cannot be measured with a ruler or caliper.

After the digital model is created it is possible to obtain drawings, design documentation for the product and files for its production or modification.


  • Development of design documentation – working documentation or drawings for further production
  • Obtaining an editable 3D model of the object for further work with it
  • Restoration of damaged product or its part
  • Checking geometry – comparing the part to the original 3D model/drawings, deviation analysis
  • Development of additional parts based on the geometry of the existing part
  • Modernization of the product – analysis and optimization of the received 3D-model (analysis of strength, mass, thermal, hydraulic, electrical characteristics, etc.)
  • Supports design for manufacturing (manufacturing processes simplification and cost reduction)



  • Preparation of a part/item for 3D scanning – disassembly of a complex component into parts, cleaning, matting, marking
  • Digitization of external surfaces of an object from various angles and perspectives to get an accurate model in mesh format that can be posteriorly converted and worked on.
  • Working with acquired data – building a parametric editable model, editing, construction analysis, making changes
  • Creation of 3D-model with a construction tree in CAD-format – a sequence of objects that make up the model, presented in graphical form.


3D-Model with a construction tree in CAD format:

3D scanning is not a mandatory process for reverse engineering. Existing polygonal 3D model or 3D models of other formats (3DMax, Sketchup, Maya, ZBrush, Rhino, *.STL, *.OBJ, *.PLY, etc.) can be used as input data.

Examples of work on the restoration of parts:


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