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workshops for produtech r3 – wp15 partners

WP 15 Partners – Demonstrators receive Workshops promoted by Erising, as a way of preparing for the implementation of the PDCA4.0 software.

Since the end of February, the Lean and Continuous Improvement Workshops: Basic concept for PDCA 4.0 have been taking place at the facilities of the demonstrating companies (MCG, GLN and Colep Packaging). This action is framed within the scope of PPS80, in which the PDCA 4.0 software, with its potential to support companies in the continuous improvement strategy and PDCA project management – problem solving, will have a significant role.

The Workshop was aimed separately at each of the demonstrators, and was structured to take place in 3 sessions. The objective is to present the concepts of Lean and Continuous Improvement and use daily factory challenges brought by the participants, applying problem-solving frameworks with a focus on the use of the PDCA cycle, the base concept used in the software.

Erising was motivated to organize these Workshops in order to help companies prepare in advance. The demonstrations should take place throughout 2024, at different times for each company, and by making these workshops available even before the software is available, it contributes to the timely adaptation of the logic. After implementation, it is expected that the time between understanding and full use of the software’s capabilities can be reduced, making the software bring satisfactory results to demonstrators more quickly.

The PRODUTECH R3 project – Mobilizing Agenda for Production Technologies for Reindustrialization, is financed by the European Union under the NextGeneration EU program through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (MRR) and the Recovery and Resilience Plan. Framed in investment project no. 60, with an investment of 166,988,013.71 Euros, which began on 01/01/2022, and will last 48 months, until 12/31/2025.

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